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Ice Therapies

Ice baths, ice wraps and gel packs are common forms of cryotherapy.

A literary review on ice therapy in injuries.

There is good evidence that cold application can be useful in certain situations as a therapeutic modality.

In particular, it seems ideally suited to the acute injury where the reduction in local factors such as hemorrhage and edema can hasten recovery.

Although cold has established physiologic effects which can be useful, there are specific contraindications to its use which must be recognized.

Although the method of application is not critical, new products such as moldable frozen gel packs make on-the-field use simple.

The important concept in the use of cold for treating the acute injury seems to be early prolonged application.

McMaster WC.

Am J Sports Med. 1977 May-Jun;5(3):124-6.

PMID: 871181 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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