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The CET cold spa bath has been used by numerous footballers, the Ulster rugby squad, the hockey squad, GAA footballers and international athletes. Also used by West Ham Utd, the Health and Sports Science Research Institute, the Rehabilitation Research Centre, University of Ulster and the Sports Institute of Northern Ireland.

Research into the optimum protocols for sports recovery and rehabilitation has been carried out at the Health and Sports Science Research Institute by Head Physiotherapist, Dr Chris Bleakley.

Dr Bleakley, who has published a number of papers on sports injuries and cryotherapy (see research section) has found the CET Cryo Spa to be a significant improvement on ice baths, ice gels and wraps etc.
The CET Cryotherapy Spa features:
  • Thermostatically controlled temperature
  • Specially designed area for treating ankles, calves and thighs
  • Temperature of water from 1C to 14C.
  • Vigorous massage effect
  • High saline concentration
  • Infection control
  • Clinical trials
  • Five year guarantee and back up service
The CET Spa bath is now increasingly used for post competition recovery as well as for rehabilitation.

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CET Cryotherapy Spa

The CET Cryo Spa facilitates the treatment of sports injuries such as tendon and ligament injuries, hamstrings, achilles tendons, cruciate ligaments and soft tissue injuries.

Visit our new website: CET CryoSpas. The most effective method for post-exercise sports recovery. Prevents and treats sports injuries.

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