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Indications of Cryotherapy

a. Michlovitz notes rationale for application of cold 24-48 hours after acute injury.
i. Decreases fluid filtration into interstitium by vasoconstriction.
ii. Decreases inflammation.
iii. Decreases pain and muscle spasm.
iv. Decreases metabolic rate.

b. In acute injury cold is used most often in conjunction with compression and elevation.

c. Cryotherapy is also indicated for treating acute burn. Bloch's extensive review led to conclusion that cooling burns can decrease magnitude of injury by reduction in edema, pain, local fluid loss, tissue injury, and blood volume during the first 48 hours after injury.

d. Patients with acute spinal cord injury (SCI) also improve with local hypothermia treatments. Bricolo et al. reviewed SCI cases from the literature and noted that complete destruction of spinal cord often may not occur at initial moment of impact but relates to self-destructive process in cord and hypoxic neurologic changes secondary to vascular alterations.

e. Decreasing spasticity.

f. Reduction of fever.

g. Facilitation of muscle contractions by increasing motor neuron excitability.

h. Especially effective for bursitis and tendinitis.

Knight K: Cryotherapy Theory: Technique and Physiology. Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga Corporation. 1985
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