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Application of Cryotherapy

a. Ice packs
i. Wrapped in dry or moist toweling.
ii. Applied for 10-15 minutes for more superficial areas and 15-20 minutes for areas of deeper tissue.

b. Cold gel packs
i. Kept in cooling unit at temperatures of 0-10�F.
ii. Improper use may cause frostbite.
iii. They do not lower skin temperature as much as ice; thus, patients may not reach point of anesthesia.

c. Ice immersion
i. Used to treat distal extremities.
ii. Container big enough to hold extremity is filled with ice and water. Body part is then immersed.
iii. Temperatures range between 13-18 C for treatment, which may last 10-20 minutes.

d. Ice massage
i. Involves rubbing plastic or foam cup (with edges peeled back) of ice over body part to be treated.
ii. Used mostly for small areas of inflamed tissue or acute muscle guarding.
iii. Direction of application should be parallel to muscle fibers.
iv. Application is continued for 3-10 minutes until anesthesia is reached.

e. Vapocoolant sprays (e.g., fluoromethane, ethyl chloride)
i. Vaporized liquid nitrogen.
ii. When sprayed on skin, it produces significant cooling through evaporation.
iii. Container should be held about 2 feet from body part and sprayed in one direction only at rate of 4 inches/second, using 1-2 sweeps while maintaining passive stretch.
iv. Ethyl chloride is flammable and may freeze skin on contact; therefore, fluoromethane is preferred.
vi. Effective in reducing painful muscle guarding and desensitizing trigger point areas.

Knight K: Cryotherapy Theory: Technique and Physiology. Chattanooga, TN, Chattanooga Corporation. 1985
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