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Low temperature hydrotherapy with CET Cryo Spas

Sports recovery and rehabilitation

CET: The background.

In June 2002, CET Limited established itself as the first manufacturer of Cryotherapy Spas in Europe.

Managing Director, Colin Edgar explains "When I first came across low temperature spa therapy I immediately could see its potential. While the basic concept was excellent I had some concerns about the design, so I set about manufacturing a spa in June 2002 using state of the art technology. "

CET Ltd initially focused on the equine market but as more and more humans began to use the equine spas it became obvious that there was demand for a designed for purpose human spa.

Consequently, a prototype was produced and was installed at the Sports Science Research Institute at the University of Ulster.

Since April 2007 the spa has been used by elite athletes, footballers, rugby and hockey players etc with very promising results. The research is controlled by Professor Suzanne McDonough and Dr Chris Bleakley who have previously conducted research into the use of ice baths and ice wraps etc in the treatment of sports injuries. Chris Bleakley, who's Ph. D. thesis was conducted on the use of cryotherapy for sports rehabilitation, reports that the CET Cryo Spa compares very favourably with conventional alternatives such as ice, ice baths etc.

Today, with CET Spa clients located in the UK, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Saudi Arabia etc., the strategy of producing high quality spas at an affordable price is paying off.
CET Cryotherapy

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