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The CET Cryo Spa is the most sophisticated cryotherapy device for the treatment and prevention of sports injuries and is increasingly used as a recovery modality.

The low temperature highly concentrated salt water and vigorous massage offered by the CET CryoSpa has found favour with many professional sports teams including the English Premier League (Soccer), the Super League (Rugby), International Rugby Union squads, the NFL (American Football) etc.

"The CET Cryospa has become an integral part of our daily and match day recovery protocols at Celtic Crusaders Rugby League. Players are reporting reduced sensations of delayed onset muscle soreness and feelings of increased energy the next day. In addition, i have found the spa to be extremely beneficial in the rehabilitation of the many injuries sustained in a collision sport like rugby league. An essential in any professional sports medicine department."

Ben Stirling, MCSP, MAACP, MSMA Physiotherapist for Celtic Crusaders & Wales RL

The CET CryoSpa formed an integral part of the recovery strategy for Fulham Football Club (English Premier League) in their run up to the 2010 Europa League Final in Hamburg.

"When used in conjunction with our standard modalities we observed a positive effect on player recovery both physically and mentally."

Martin O'Connell, Physiotherapist and Mark Taylor, Head of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, Fulham FC.

The CET Cryotherapy Spa includes:
  • Thermostat controlled temperature
  • Specially designed area for treating ankle, calf and thigh injuries
  • Temperature range from 1C to 14C.
  • Vigorous massage effect
  • High salt concentration
  • Effective infection control
  • Independent clinical trials
  • Five year guarantee

Use of Cryotherapy for post competition recovery is becoming the norm.

Independent clinical trials, using the CET Cryotherapy Spa, have been conducted at the Sports & Health Research Institute to establish the optimum protocols for the use of cryotherapy in the treatment of sports injuries such as achilles tendon injuries, cruciate ligaments, hamstrings, soft tissue injuries etc. and to aid in the promotion of speedy recovery after training or competition.

Dr Chris Bleakley of the Rehabilitation Research Centre says the CET Cryo Spa is much more effective and user friendly than common low temperature modalities such as ice baths and ice wraps or gels.

To learn more about Cryotherapy in general, please read through the scientific research articles.


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Sean Og in the CET Cryo Spa

Sean Og
Ireland & Cork County
footballer & hurler
uses the CET Cryo Spa

Cryotherapy for post competition recovery

Ipswich Town players at UU Clinics' Rehabilitation Research Centre
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